Back Bathroom Renovation

In late 2005, we decided to update the bathroom attached to the back bedroom. This bath had been added around 1936. This was roughly the same period that the house was wired, and plumbing was added. The bath had been updated during the 60's, and again in the mid 80's. None of these updates were a complete redo right down to the base structure. We began the redo in early October of 2005. Our intention was to have it finished by Christmas, didn't happen. It was usable, but pretty rough.

These are the photos at the beginning of the project.


During the demolition process I discovered that the original bathroom had old bead board walls and ceiling. This gave us a completely new outlook on how to redo the walls. Unfortunately, none of the original bead board was usable. It was put up in the 30's, then covered up with maisonette. Water and age took its toll, and all of it had either rotted or bowed.

The Results

The finished product incorporated a motion detector for the main lights, a new electric heater that also controls under floor electric heating. The lower part of the walls is tiled, but the upper half is bead board oriented horizontally just as it was in the original bath. A new low water use toilet was incorporated. In fact all fixtures and furniture are new, incorporating the latest technology, while retaining a sense of the past.