Living Room

Live Room 1

Living Room 2

This is our listening and video room. We have been involved in high end audio most of our lives, and while, by modern standards, the system is very old fashioned, it still has an almost magical presence and stage we have yet to hear surpassed. The speakers are 25+ years old, but still, in mho, produce some of the most accurate and dynamic reproduction available.

The system consists of highly modified stacked Dahlquist DQ-10's powered by Hafler DH-200 amplifiers, also extensively modified. This combination provides the detail and air of the best electrostatics, while pumping out ungodly dynamics. The pre amp is a VanAlstien tube unit that provides essentially unity gain, and switching. The only sources are a Dish Network receiver, a DVD/CD player that handles DVD-Audio, and a multi disc CD player. There is also an RH Labs Sub Woofer, and a Butt Kicker LFE unit for movies. It is not a surround sound system. I am somewhat of a purist in that I prefer to have accurate imaging and sound stage from the two speakers.

The room has, like every room in the house, solid wood floor, walls, and ceiling, The dimensions are also terrible for acoustics. At 18 x 18 x 13, with all the hard surfaces, it rang like a bell, and had nasty peaks. The solution was very thick cotton batting on the ceiling (Echo Stop), large furniture and thick rugs. Now the sound is almost magical.

The room also contains a late 19th century square grand piano that is not playable. It weighs over a thousand pounds, and there is no way to move it to another location. We have been advised that it would be very costly to restore, so there it sits.