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The antique book collection in the house comprises some 300+ volumes and spans the period from the early 19th century to the middle of the 20th. This is a partial listing of the books which will be expanded as time allows.

Title Author Year Published Type
Show Incidents of Travel in Egypt, Arabia, Pe John L. Stephens 1853 Book
Show Greek and Lex - missing rest on spine 1854 Book
Show Methodism; or, Christianity in Earnest Mrs. M. Martin 1854 Book
Show Statistical View of the United States, E J.D. B. DeBow, Superint. of US Census 1854 Book
Show Adventures and Observations on the West Rev. Chas. W. Thomas, M.A. 1855 Book
Show Herodotus Henry Cary, M.A. 1855 Book
Show The Anthology of Religion, Natural and Rev Joseph Butler, LL.D 1855 Book
Show Town Third Reader Salem Town, LL. D. 1855 Book
Show A System of Modern Geography S. Augustus Mitchell 1856 Book
Show Pictorial History of France for the use S.G. Goodrich 1856 Book
Show Report of the Commissioner of Patents for 1858 Book
Show Russell's Magazine. Charleston, SC 1858 Magazine
Show The First Part of Jacobs' Latin Reader a Rev. Peter Bullions, D.D. 1858 Book
Show Ten Years of Preacher Life - Chapters fr William Henry Milburn 1859 Book
Show The Methodist Pulpit South Compiled by William T. Smithson 1859 Book
Show Copious and Critical Latin-English Lexicon E.A. Andrews, LL.D. 1860 Book
Show Concise System of Instructions and Regulations Adj.Gen. Samuel Cooper 1861 Book
Show English Exercises Adapted to English Gra Lindle Murray 1861 Book
Show The Home Circle: A Monthly Periodical De L.D. Huston, Editor 1861 Book
Show Woman's Missionary Society Methodist Episcopal Church, South 1861 Magazine

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