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The antique book collection in the house comprises some 300+ volumes and spans the period from the early 19th century to the middle of the 20th. This is a partial listing of the books which will be expanded as time allows.

Title Author Year Published Type
Show P.Virgilii Maronis Opera Interpretatione 1812 Book
Show Geography: or a Description of the World Daniel Adams, A.M. 1830 Book
Show The Ancient History of the Egyptians, Ca Charles Rollin 1830 Book
Show Milton's Poetical Works 1835 Book
Show Amussat's Lessons on the Retention of ur A. Petit, editor 1836 Book
Show Decimi Junii Juvenalis Aquinatis Satirar 1836 Book
Show Conversations on Vegetable Physiology, C Rev. J.L. Blake, A.M. 1837 Book
Show The Evangelical Rambler 1838 Book
Show Mitchell's Ancient Geography S. Augustus Mitchell 1841 Book
Show Greek and English Lexicon 1844 Book
Show Pictorial History of the United States o John Frost, LL.D. 1845 Book
Show Kuhner's Elementary Greek Grammar Raphael Kuhner 1846 Book
Show Practical Introduction to Latin Porse Co Thomas Kerchever Arnold, M.A. 1846 Book
Show The Serious Inquirer After Salvation Aff Rev. Robert Young 1846 Book
Show Wesleyana: or a Complete System of Wesle The Rev. John Wesley, A. M. 1846 Book
Show Christian Theology Adam Clark,LL.D, F.A.S. 1849 Book
Show Narrative of the United State's Expedition W.F. Lynch 1850 Book
Show patent Office Report 1850-1851 Agriculture 1851 Book
Show The Southern Farmer and Market Gardener: Francis S. Holmes 1852 Book
Show The Works of Flavius Josephus the Learned Translated by William Whiston, A.M. 1852 Book

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